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RC4 Digital Ripple control receiver- time switch
RC4 IR Probe
Exchange Rate Boards

RC4 IR Probe

RC4-IR-USB probe is an IR optical interface that supports asynchronous serial communication between meter devices and computers equipped with USB port. It meets all IEC62056-21 (former IEC61107) requirements for dimension, optical, electrical, magnetic features, data formats and communication speed.

Electrical connection to PC computer is achieved using USB connector, while connection to meter devices is IR optical.USB provides power for optical interface, no external supply is needed.

Magnetic force (permanent magnet) is used for retention on meter devices.


  • Fully compliant to IEC62056-21 (former IEC61107)
  • Asynchronous connection up to 57 600 Bauds (bit/sec)
  • Magnetic retention on meter devices using permanent magnet: according to IEC61107
  • Day light filter
  • 2m cable equipped with USB connector

RC4-IR-USB Tehnical Description REV-C (241Kb)
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